Applied Science (Level 3)


What Will I Study?

How Will I be Assessed?

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Why Study Applied Science (Level 3)?

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Level 3

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What Do I Need To Study This Course?

Double Science: 55 or 54.
Triple Science: 5, 5, 4 (Chemistry, Biology, Physics).

Please note – if you are opting to study Applied Science and not opting to study A Level Mathematics then we recommend taking Level 3 Core Maths as your 4th option, rather than an EPQ or directed study.

What Will I Study?

This is a fantastic opportunity for students who wish to study science subjects in more depth with a view to pursuing science based careers in the future.

Students will gain the right combination of knowledge, understanding and skills required for the 21st century. The Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Applied Science has been developed to meet the changing needs of the sector and prepares students for the challenges they’ll face in Higher Education or employment. These qualifications have been designed in collaboration with experts spanning the breadth of the sector. They focus on the requirements that today’s universities, professional vocational colleges and employers demand. A wide range of centre assessed units with practical and wider project-based assessment opportunities, as well as examined units on Science Fundamentals, Laboratory Techniques and Scientific Analysis and Reporting, has resulted in focused qualifications which complement a Key Stage 5 study programme alongside other vocational qualifications or A Levels.

Students will develop professional and practical skills through carrying out real experiments and research as well as theoretical knowledge and understanding to underpin these skills. Students will be made aware of safe working practices in a lab and the strict legal requirements they must adhere to. Students will also gain an understanding of the different types of scientific industries and settings plus how laboratory design can vary across organisations and sectors. Students will understand the variety of opportunities available to them and the roles and responsibilities of businesses and organisations within the sector. This will make sure students develop clear ideas about where they might like to take their career.

The course consists of 5 units across 2 years of study with a mix of external and internal examination.


Unit 1: Science Fundamentals
Unit 6: Control of Hazards in the laboratory
Unit 2: Laboratory Techniques


Unit 2: Laboratory Techniques (continued from Y12)
Unit 18: Microbiology
Unit 21: Product testing techniques

Students achieve UCAS points for passing each of the modules, the number of points they can achieve in total varies with the grade they achieve.

Students can achieve a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*

How Will I Be Assessed?

Unit 1 & 2 are assessed through external exams and make up 50% of the qualification.

Units 6, 18 & 21 are coursework based and this makes up the other 50% of the qualification.

What Next?

Possible progression pathways not limited to the following:
• Paramedic
• Climate change analyst
• Nutritionist
• Marine biologist

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Why Study Applied Science (Level 3)?