School Uniforms

Hair, Make-up & Jewellery

PE Kit


*Coats must not be worn inside school and should be kept in lockers or bags. Coats are to be removed as students enter the building. Students must not put on their coats until they leave the building at the end of the day.


White cotton shirt: Top button fastened, tucked into waistband.

School tie: Correct colour for each year group available at stockists.

Black logo jumper: Available at stockists.
Black tailored trousers: Plain: no patches, extra pockets. No denim, no cords. Not hipsters, not tight fitting or skinny fit. Black belts only.
Plain black shoes only: No trainers, no pumps, no boots.
Plain black, grey or white socks.

White cotton shirt: No tight fitting blouses or those that are cropped. Top button fastened, tucked into waistband.

School tie: Correct colour for each year group available at stockists.

Black logo jumper: Available at stockists.
Black tailored trousers OR the set school logo skirt (available at stockists): Trousers must be plain and a tailored fit, no patches or extra pockets. No denim, no cords. No hipsters, not tight fitting or a skinny fit. Full length. No ankle grazers. Black belts only. Skirts must be the school logo skirt only. Worn no higher than 5cm above the knee.
Plain black shoes only: Flat with no high heels. No trainers, no pumps, no boots, no sandals.
Plain black or white socks. Black thick tights.

Hair, Make up and Jewellery


  • Hair must be neat, tidy and of a style acceptable to the school, avoiding Students should avoid extremes of personal appearance. This includes hair colouring and haircuts. Hairstyles should not reflect the extremes of youth culture. Hair colourings should be a natural colour only and hair should be cut no shorter than ‘Number 2’ grade, closed shaved hair is not acceptable, this includes full or partial saving.
  • Hair length should be blended and graduated, with no lines or steps cut in, with no
  • Hair should not be dyed (either permanent or semi-permanent) beyond colours close to natural hair colours (e.g. extreme bleaching and/or red, pink, blue or purple colours). Hair should be only one colour and not a combination of 2 or more complementary or contrasting colours g. black hair with blonde streaks would be inappropriate.


  • The expectation is that long hair will be tied and secured away from the face, neck and shoulders when learning activities dictate g. sport and practical work in a science laboratory.
  • Hair clips and hair bands and other hair-retaining devices should be plain black in colour and
  • Headscarves should be plain black or Ties must be worn under these at all time.

Make Up and Jewellery

  • Ideally no jewellery should be
  • A watch is permitted
  • One single plain, flat ring is permitted
  • One single pair of plain ear studs (not hoops/rings/flesh tunnels) can be worn, one in each ear, bottom lobe, not in other areas of the ears
  • No other items must be visible
  • Necklaces and Bracelets in any form are not to be worn. The only exception is the Sikh Kara.
  • Tongue piercings, facial jewellery or similar body piercings must never be worn.
  • Any new piercings/flesh tunnel procedures that require a ‘healing period’ should only take place during school holidays that are long enough to accommodate this healing process.


  • All piercings (other than what is allowed as stated above) must be removed and not simply covered up with plasters during school time.
  • No jewellery should be worn during physical education or other practical activities
  • Ideally no make-up; where this is worn, it should be very light and discreet
  • Tattoos (permanent or semi-permanent) should not be visible
  • Coloured nail varnish and false nails are not allowed
  • No false, acrylic, gel or shellac nails
  • No false eyelashes

PE Kit

Boys and Girls

Upper Body
  • School logo white t-shirt (essential)
  • Black/green plain rugby/hockey jersey top (essential)
  • School logo black fleece (optional)
Lower Body
  • School logo black shorts (essential)
  • School logo black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
  • Green socks (essential)
  • Sport trainers (essential)
  • Shin pads for hockey/football (essential)
  • Gum shield for rugby/hockey (optional)


Branded uniform items, including our ties and PE kit are available to purchase at either of our local suppliers

Whittakers School Wear

3/5 Town Street, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5EN
Tel: 0113 256 6020

P.C. Sports

67 High Street, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7SP
Tel: 0113 250 7988