Student Expectations

We have high expectations for all our students to ensure they achieve their academic, social and personal best during their time here. Our expectations are:

  • Arrive on time for school, lessons and registration
  • Wear your uniform correctly at all times
  • Be fully equipped for each lesson
  • Place your planner on the desk at the start of each lesson and registration
  • Do as asked by staff
  • Contribute at all times to a positive learning environment without disturbing others
  • Be polite and respect others
  • Do your homework and hand it in on time
  • Walk around the building sensibly and quietly adhering to the one-way systems
  • To make sure any phones or electronic devices are switched off at the school gates and stored securely in school bags only
  • Eat and drink at the right time in the right place
  • Look after your school environment.


We recognise the direct correlation between attendance and success. For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly.  The attendance target for our School is 96% and if a student’s attendance falls below this, we will contact parents/carers.

100% = excellent attendance

98% = very good attendance

96% = good attendance

Thought-provoking Fact

90% attendance seems to be pretty good, however what that actually means is that a student is absent from school for the equivalent of one half-day every week. If a student continues to attend for only 90% of the time, then over five years they will miss the equivalent of one half of a school year.

Good attendance benefits students in the following ways:

  • Continuity of learning which makes progress and retention easier
  • Improved performance in coursework tasks
  • Enhanced performance in examinations
  • Continuity of relationships and friendships
  • Good references for further education or employment
  • Good habits are formed for later life.

You can read our full Attendance Procedures here.

Positive Behaviour

Through our Positive Behaviour system we seek to provide a positive, safe and purposeful learning environment for all members of the school community and one in which our students thrive.

The system is founded upon clear, unambiguous Classroom and Corridor Codes that promote a positive, safe, well ordered learning environment, designed to allow students to flourish and achieve.

Students will learn about these codes from their Form Tutor and they will be able to see them in their planner and in all classrooms.

You can read our full Positive Behaviour Policy here

Classroom Codes, Horsforth School and Sixth Form
Corridor Codes, Horsforth School and Sixth Form

Good Behaviour (Rewards and Recognition)

Most of our students bring their personal best and adhere to our School codes and expectations and our Positive Behaviour system aims to recognise the importance of praise and seeks to reward all students for getting it right.

Our Credit System instils the drive for students to want to improve and achieve their very best each year. It encourages students to set personal goals both within and outside of the classroom to try to become a ‘Horsforth Legend’! Students are awarded banked ‘getting it right’ credits and bonus credits, and both are added together so that students can be rewarded.

Credits are recorded electronically and students will be given an update of the running totals every half-term.

Rewards And Recognition, Horsforth School and Sixth Form

Poor Behaviour (Sanction System)

Our sanction system is designed to prevent and reduce disruption to the learning process, maintain an orderly and safe environment and to protect the health and safety of all members of our school community.

It is a phased system to allow students to stop, reflect and rectify and promotes responsibility and ownership.

You can read more about our Rewards and Recognition and Sanction System in more detail as part of the Positive Behaviour Policy here

Sanction System, Horsforth School and Sixth Form