We are a passionate group of parents and school team members who work together with the aim of making a difference to the students who come to Horsforth School.

Meetings are informal and friendly and we get together regularly to plan and organise events to fundraise to support the school, charities and to further enhance the work of the whole school community.

Join Us

We rely on the time and commitment of the team, we couldn’t do this alone. Would you like to be involved and join our team? Especially if you have been a keen PTA member at your child’s primary school, we would love to hear from you.

Upcoming Meeting Dates


Upcoming Events 

Watch this space!

Current Fundraising

We are currently fundraising for the following things:

Student Tranquility Garden (£5,000)

Our lovely students have come up with a fantastic idea to build a school tranquility garden. To support their fundraising efforts the PTA will launch an online auction to help raise money.

Place your bid here from 16th March, and help make our students’ vision a reality.

PTA Online Auction, Horsforth School and Sixth Form
Your School Lottery, Horsforth School and Sixth Form

School Lottery – Raising Funds for Students

Our School Lottery provides extra resources for students. It’s £1 a week to play and someone from our school is guaranteed a weekly prize – plus there’s a weekly national prize of £25,000! Anyone over 16 years can play so share away and best of luck!

Sign up to our School Lottery here

How We’ve Made a Difference

Thanks to everyone who has attended one of our events, bought raffle tickets or a hot drink at parent’s evening, we have recently raised money to be able to purchase resources for our school or support nominated charities:


  • Lighting equipment for school productions and concerts (£700)
  • SEND sensory equipment (£300)
  • Pencil cases for the school children of Langa township in South Africa (£300)
    As part of the 2019 sport’s trip to South Africa
  • New gymnastic equipment including the purchase of new mats (£1000)
  • During the recent lockdown the PTA has donated £2500 towards providing laptops for students studying from home.