Enrichment Programme

We believe in developing more than just academic abilities. We offer an enrichment programme which can help to keep our students fit, improve their confidence, broaden their mind and introduce them to new friends.

They can learn new skills, represent the school or discover a hidden talent. The enrichment programme we offer is ever evolving and there are a variety of different ways in which students can get involved.

Some are short courses, such as ‘An Introduction to Sign Language’ and some run every week such as the debating club. Some are sporty, like yoga, netball and football, whilst some are creative such as art/photography club and set design for the school production. Many of them are linked to future careers or courses such as classroom assistance or student mentoring.

Sixth Form Enrichment Programme

Community Service

In addition to our extensive enrichment programme we expect all of our sixth form students to select and carry out a community service placement as part of their learning experience. The aim is for students to get involved in helping their school community in a meaningful way that matters to them. Learning to give back to others is vital for positive development and with the right community service opportunities; young people can grow empathy and foster their own identities as engaged citizens.

Each student will select a one hour per fortnight, voluntary community service placement that they will complete for the entire of Year 12. Activities on offer will range from academic support in a lower school class to supporting the Facilities Team with general maintenance. Wherever possible we encourage students to choose placements that link to their career plans and future aspirations.