Business Studies

Studying Business enables you to learn about many different aspects of business activity and its role in the wider economy.  Business helps you understand how they make key decisions and supports a huge range of careers. 

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Why study Business Studies?

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What you learn

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As part of Edexcel’s Extended Certificate we are able to take use both applied and academic methods to develop our skills in the following topics:

  • Business environment
  • Business resource/finance
  • Marketing
  • Communication in business
  • Retail
  • Recruitment and selection

The new BTEC Extended Certificate takes a practical approach to learning, without missing any of the important theory on the subject.  They are reputable and recognised by universities and employers offering degree level apprenticeships.

If you are not fond of taking exams and find the pressure causes you to under-perform, you may have more chance of success with BTEC which is based on an equal mix of coursework evidence, and exam evidence. This means you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge through a practical situation rather than sweating it out in an exam hall. However, it helps if you are creative and you are a good time manager. Additionally you need to be able to work hard and meet deadlines.

Year 12

  • Unit 1: Exploring Business (25% of overall grade) – (Internally Assessed – Coursework Unit)
  • Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign (25% of overall grade) (Externally Assessed – Controlled Assessment)

Year 13

  • Unit 3: Personal and Business Finance (33% of overall grade)  (Externally Assessed – Examined Unit)
  • Unit 8: Recruitment and Selection Process  (17% of overall grade) (Internally Assessed – Coursework Unit)

Please note – if you are opting to study Business Studies and not opting to study A Level Mathematics then we recommend taking level 3 Core Maths as your 4th option (rather than EPQ or Directed Study).

Potential Careers

  • Accountant
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Finance Manager
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing Manager

 Why Study Business Studies?

 Entry Requirements

Subject Qualification (Level 3) Required GCSE Grades
(in addition to Sixth Form entry requirements)
Additional Information
Business Studies BTEC Level 3 C Business (if taken), 5+ Mathematics and 5+ English Language Single award (Extended certificate)

What You Learn

Our Learning Journeys have been created to give you a flavour for the types of topics students study in each year at our school. They show what will be covered throughout the year and during each half-term, but please note there is some flexibility to what is taught when. We hope you find them helpful.