Clubs & After School Activities – Year 8

Activities and trips outside of the classroom are an important part of our curriculum and we believe these experiences enrich students’ lives and deepen their understanding of subjects.

Here a number of fantastic opportunities on offer for our Year 8 students this year.*

Trip What’s It About
Lego Robotics Annual competition involving problem solving, teamwork and programming.
Paris/Versailles Homestay French students use language for real purpose, experiencing culture differences, tolerance and understanding of others…and maybe a little trip to Disney too!
Ski Trip Last year’s trip to Italy was a hit.  Fresh air and strenuous exercise are all good for physical, mental health and wellbeing, not to mention a great life experience exploring the world!
France Battlefields Trip The trip links well with both French and History.  It concentrates on the north of France and its links with England and is appropriate in the 500th anniversary year of the Field of the Cloth of Gold.  We also visit sites of importance from WW1 and WW2 such as Atlantic Wall and V1 launch sites in St.Omer.
Salters Festival of Chemistry KS3 Chemistry enrichment practical competition.
Aquatic Camp For swimming and diving development.
Cadet Summer Camp (Cadets only) A compulsory weeks camp that the Combined Cadet Force runs every year allowing our cadets to experience a military camp.
Literature Quiz Run by the English department and all revolved around a love for reading.
Allan Gibbons Trip Delivery of workshops and talks to students about reading and creating a love of creative writing.
UKMT Regional and National Finals Chance for Maths high achievers to compete regionally against lots of other schools and finger crossed make it to the national final…which we quite often do!
Activity Department Day Time Location Staff (Lead)
Philosophy Club RS Thursday 13.10 RE1 GKA / EGL
Junior Concert Band Music Wednesday



Combined Cadet Force (CCF) N/A Tuesday 15:00 – 18:30 Gateways School JAL / SJO / DSW
Creative Classrooms English N/A N/A N/A GHA
Choir (boys and girls) Music Thursday 14.55 Mu1 PJC
String Group Music Tuesday 14.55 Mu1 PJC
Concert Band Music Wednesday 14.55 Mu1 PJC
Robotics Club ICT & Computing Tuesday 14.55



Basketball Club
PE Monday 14.55 PE OR
Table Tennis Club PE Monday 14.55 PE OR
Boys Football Club PE Tuesday






Hockey Club PE Wednesday 14.55 PE CSC / LLA / JHD / SWA
Girls Football Club PE Thursday 14.55 PE SBU / WKE
Dance Club PE Thursday 14.55 PE CSC
Boys Rugby Club PE Thursday 14.55 PE BJS / JMA / OR
Cross Country Running Club PE Friday 14.55 PE JMA / CLE
Mandarin Chinese Club MFL Tuesday 14.55 ML5 MLIU
Connect Club Faith Tuesday 12.10 / 13.10 G3 / RE1 Duncan
Netball Club PE Tuesday 14.55 PE CSC / LLA / KHI
School Production Drama Cast to see rehearsal schedule 14.55 DS1 / Hall SKE / KN
Maths Helpdesk for Homework Maths Thursday 14.55 JB2 SLK
F1 in Schools/Vex Robotics Club Engineering Tuesday 14.55 Engineering GDI / GPA
Art Club (Late lunch) Art Thursday W1 1:10-1:50 Art/Pottery LBR / SRC

*Please note – this list could be subject to change, please view the Extra-curricular programme for 2023-24 here.