Clubs & After School Activities – Year 11

Activities and trips outside of the classroom are an important part of our curriculum and we believe these experiences enrich students’ lives and deepen their understanding of subjects.

Here a number of fantastic opportunities on offer for our Year 11 students this year.*

Trip What’s It About
Lego Robotics Annual competition with other schools involving problem solving, teamwork and programming.
Ski Trip  Last year’s trip to Italy was a hit.  Fresh air and strenuous exercise are all good for physical, mental health and wellbeing, not to mention a great life experience exploring the world!
York Trip Geography GCSE field trip which is a compulsory element of the GCSE course.
London Trip For art, photography and textile students to support their GCSE coursework.
France Battlefields Trip The trip links well with both French and History.  It concentrates on the north of France and its links with England and is appropriate in the 500th anniversary year of the Field of the Cloth of Gold.  We also visit sites of importance from WW1 and WW2 such as Atlantic Wall and V1 launch sites in St.Omer.
Top of the Bench Competition A practical competition to support GCSE Chemistry. Our students got to the final at the University of Birmingham last year and came top out of all the schools competing from Yorkshire.
Shakespeare Festival Performance of a classic Shakespeare play, Macbeth in 2019, at the University of Leeds theatre to support GCSE drama studies.
London Trip Weekend trip for drama students to visit the theatre and see the capital to support their GCSE studies.
Hackathon (with Paralax) For our computing students to gain an understanding of programming in the real world from an industry expert.
Maths Inspiration Lectures Delves into real world applications of mathematics.


Activity Day and Time Staff Location
GCSE Photography Intervention Monday 12.10 Mrs Corcoran Pottery
Spanish Intervention Monday 2.50 Mr Graydon/Miss Timpson ML1/ML2
GCSE French Intervention Monday 2.50 Mrs Shaffner ML4
Table Tennis Monday 3.00 External Coach Gym
Girl’s Football  Monday 3.00 Mr Booth/Mr Bernard Astroturf
String’s Club Monday 3.00 Sixth Form Student Mu2
Maths Surgery (Week 1) Tuesday 12.10 Mrs Kingston JB1/JB2
Maths Surgery (Week 2) Tuesday 13.10 Mrs Kingston JB1/JB2
GCSE Maths Intervention Tuesday 2.50 Mr Johnson Maths Rooms
Maths Drop-In Tuesday 2.50 Mr Jackson JB3
School Production  Tuesday 2.50 Mrs Kendal DS1
Girl’s Vocal Group Tuesday 2.50 Ms Botham Diner
Netball Tuesday 3.00 Miss Lancaster/Miss Schofield Astroturf/Sports Hall
Boy’s Rugby Union Tuesday 3.00 Mr Fraser/Mr Steele Fields
Running Club Tuesday 3.00 Ms Lewis School Grounds
GCSE Further Maths Tuesday 3.00 Mr Harrisson M8
Design and Technology Intervention  Wednesday 2.50 Mrs Carrara CD1
Concert Band  Wednesday 2.50 Mrs Hastings Diner
Hockey  Wednesday 3.00 Miss Lancaster/Mr Wardle Astroturf
GCSE Science Intervention Wednesday 3.00 Mr Caden SC3/SC5
Badminton Wednesday 5.00 External Coach Sports Hall
Guitar Group Wednesday TBC Sixth Form Student Mu2
GCSE Art Intervention Thursday 12.10 Mr Questa Paint
GCSE English Intervention Thursday 2.50 Miss Wardle E2/E4
GCSE Art Intervention Thursday 2.50 Mrs Dijur Print
Boy’s Vocal Group Thursday 2.50 Ms Botham Diner
Boy’s Football  Thursday 3.00 Mr Fraser/Mr Steele Astroturf/Field
Year 11 Photography Intervention Friday 2.50 Mrs Corcoran Pottery


*Please note – this list is not exhaustive and could be subject to change throughout the academic year.