DSC 2772, Horsforth School and Sixth FormOn Tuesday 10th March 2020, four of our students accompanied Mrs Carrara to John Charles Centre for Sport to attend the annual Rotary Club Technology Tournament. Armed with equipment, we had no idea what was in store as the challenge would be a secret until we got there.

The Challenge: Help reduce pollution by designing, building and testing a vehicle, powered by a 200gm weight which is carried within the vehicle. The vehicle must be able to climb straight up a track, rising 60mm over a 1.5m distance. The vehicle must carry an advertisement for Green Power. The vehicle must have a flag which rises when the vehicle moves.

Teachers were not allowed within eye contact distance never mind any other form of communication. It was a tightly controlled competition environment. Rotary Club judges supported the students, but kept teachers and technicians at a distance.

Our students, Stuart, Bobby, Matthew and Joe in Year 10  were magnificent. They were a real credit to the school with excellent attitude and behaviour.

We didn’t win any prizes, but our team succeeded in designing and building a vehicle to the above specifications. It worked and it was able to travel up the test track. They met the challenges presented to them in a very mature manner. Heartiest congratulations.