School Parliament

The leaders of tomorrow…

Horsforth School feels passionately about ensuring our students have a voice; and, importantly ensuring that it is heard. This is why we have a democratic Student Parliament which allows our students to influence school life and also learn and understand about British Politics and the British Values for which it is built upon.

Horsforth Students will represent the student voice through 6 key areas, known as constituencies. The 6 constituencies focus on various aspect of school life:

  • Sports and Extra-Curricular
  • Well-Being and Mental Health
  • Attendance and Behaviour
  • Maintenance of the School Building and the Environment
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Anti-Bullying and Diversity.

Every tutor group is represented by a Horsforth Minister of Parliament who is elected by the form group – 12 of these members then get the opportunity to be elected to the Lead Council.

The Prime Minister, who is an elected Year 13 student and the Deputy Prime Minister who is an elected Year 12 student will appoint 12 Lead Members to make up the Lead Council, each with a key area of responsibility linked to one of the constituencies.

Horsforth Ministers of Parliament meet each half term to discuss issues from their constituency. Different staff members attend these meetings over the academic year to offer support and guidance to the Parliament. This information is fed-back to the lead Parliament, who discusses and plans appropriate strategies to support our student voice and liaises closely with the senior leaders of the school.

Horsforth School is intent on giving opportunity and achievement to all and through the School Parliament we are ensuring that every student has a voice.