Exam Results

In the summer of 2019 we were delighted that our students once again achieved fantastic GCSE exam results, reflecting their hard work and dedication.

Our progress 8 score of +0.39 is superb (national average -0.03) and 59% of our students achieved a strong pass (5+) in English and mathematics (43% national average) and 81% of our students achieved a standard pass. We nearly doubled the number of our top grades, with 7% of all grades being grade 9 (compared to 4% of grades being a 9 in 2018).

Dr. Paul Bell, Headteacher said “For over 7% of all our grades to be a 9 is fantastic, we are so proud of all our students and pleased they have been rewarded with wonderful results. We wish them all the very best of luck for the future, and look forward to seeing so many return to our sixth form.”

Progress 8 Score

Attainment 8 Score

Achieving 5+ in English and maths 59%

Entered for the English Baccalaureate 11.3%

Achieving the English Baccalaureate 9%

Students staying in education or employment after KS4

English Grades were 4+ (national average = 54.2%) 86%

English Grades were 5+ (higher than national average for 4+) 73%

Maths Grades were 4+ (national average = 59.9%) 82%

Maths Grades were 5+ (higher than national average for 4+) 66%

Further details are available from the DFE School Performance Tables