Year 8 Basketball Success

We are very pleased to announce that Kieran-Jamie in Year 8 has been selected to represent Yorkshire in the U13 basketball team.

Over the weekend Kieran-Jamie and 13 of his fellow West Yorkshire ballers went to compete in a tournament in Sheffield against teams from East Yorkshire, Humberside, North Yorkshire and local rivals South Yorkshire. They won all of their games and were awarded a gold award.

Whilst the boys were playing, scouts from the Yorkshire coaching team selected their top 12 boys from the 60 in attendance and Kieran-Jamie was one of the lucky few.

Playing or training 3-4 times a week, Kieran-Jamie's hard work and dedication has really paid off.

Big pat on the back from us and good luck! Here he is pictured with his coach Zaminer.

Kieran-Jamie Farrar


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