Year 11 Students Recognised by Horsforth Town Council

Horsforth Town Council has awarded Young Achiever awards to all Year 11 students who took part in The Pals production, our play about underage soldiers in the Battle of the Somme last summer.

Most of the cast received their awards at a special ceremony from Town Council chair John Garvani, who commended the students on their commitment to the play and associated fundraising which saw military charities and the Horsforth WW1 100 Years Project receiving £2000 over 18 months.

Mr Bovington who coordinated The Pals said "I am delighted that the students have been recognised with these awards, it shows the value that the town sees in encouraging young people here to strive to do well, and in this case, produce a performance which bound school and town further together". 

Lead actor Josh, who played Horace Iles said "The Pals turned out to be a big project but we are all glad to have been able to honour the memory of soldiers who left a century ago and never returned including many from Horsforth". 

Although The Pals is now complete, 47 students from Horsforth School are busy fundraising to support this year’s Battlefields trip in July. Various activities are arranged with the theme ‘Remembering the 89’, to honour the 89 soldiers from Horsforth who were killed in 1917.

Well done to all on receiving your awards.

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