Sixth Form Work Experience

We will support work experience, whether it be built into your timetable or a block placement.  This is very important as it can often:

Confirm a career intention

Make you realise you don’t want a particular type of work

Help you acquire new skills

Give you experience of the word of employment you would not otherwise have had

Give you the chance to make new contacts

Help to enhance your application to university, employment or apprenticeship

It is expected, especially for vocational courses at University, that you undertake at least one period of job-shadow during your time in the Sixth Form.

Work experience is essential if you are hoping to enter areas such as the Teaching Profession, the Medical Profession, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and Physiotherapy.

However if, for example, you are considering Law as an option, you will be expected to have undertaken first hand research and many other Admissions Tutors will expect the same sort of evidence from you.

Employers like you to have a CV (Curriculum Vitae) showing that you have experience of the workplace.