Work Experience

In Year 10 students participate in a Work Experience programme for a week. Work experience offers many benefits and opportunities.

It can help students to:

  • develop vocational skills
  • develop self-reliance and flexibility and the ability to work with others
  • learn about the world of work and gain an insight into the skills and attitudes required by employers
  • make informed choices about their future careers
  • develop personal presentation skills and build self-confidence


Work Experience 2018

Dates:    Monday 11th June –  Friday 15th June 2018


Finding your own Placement

This can be done through personal contacts, friends, family etc or by contacting companies by letter, email, telephone or calling in. Once a place has been confirmed the OP FORM (see here) must be completed by the student and the employer.

All completed OP FORMS must be returned to Mrs O’Donnell as soon as possible but no later than 2nd March 2018.

Do you need Help?

Mrs O’Donnell can help with suggestions, names and addresses of companies etc and provide any other support required. She is available at breaks, lunchtimes or after school in her office.

Remember:  It is important to start this NOW.  All the best places will go if you do not.

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