Volunteering Whilst at Sixth Form

There’s a whole host of different ways to volunteer, you might choose to work with the elderly, the disadvantaged or promoting the arts. Volunteering could help you to meet people from different walks of life and you might be surprised by your own skills set. Finally, if you are looking ahead, volunteering can make you stand out from the crowd to universities or prospective employers.  So why not step outside your comfort zone and get involved? It could be the start of grand adventure!

Last summer, I accompanied a group of students to rural Peru. Day one, early in the morning our local builder gestured to a pile of spades, pick-axes and a couple of rusty wheelbarrows. For the next three days we spent seven hours a day breaking rocks and boulders so the village could have a football pitch. This was the first of many such tasks that the students would undertake over the next four weeks.  I was astounded by their spirit of volunteerism: to give time; sweat and calloused hands to people they would never meet, simply to help those who were in need, filled me with awe. Now, we won’t all be given the opportunity to fly half-way across the world to volunteer but we can do it right here in Leeds. 


Ms Green