Useful information

Useful information

Ways to pay into your account
- set up an online account through our finance department and pay electronically. Contact the finance office to request an online link.
Cash revaluation machine- located outside the around the main diners, card activated. Cash can be paid into your account directly.

Free school meals
If your child is entitled to Free School Meals, they will have a £2.80 daily allowance for food/drinks. Monies are available across the school at lunchtime but not at break or for use in vending machines. Any unused funds will be removed each day after 2pm.

Account Spending Limits
If you would like more control over your child's daily spending, please get in touch. All our students have a daily £6.00 spending cap however this can be lowered at parents’ request by emailing

No credit? Don't panic!
Whilst we do our best to discourage the use of overdrafts our students well-being is our priority so we operate a "lending" system for those in need.
At Lunchtime Only we will lend funds for a single main meal once a week if the account is not already overdrawn to a maximum of £5.00.
You will be notified by email each week if your account is overdrawn, balances can also be checked using our online payment system

Replacement Catering Card
All students receive a catering card free of charge. However if this is lost or damaged a replacement card will incur a £5 charge.
Students without a card are required to wait until the end of break or lunch service to be served.

Dietary Information
All of our menus have coded labels to communicate allergens, see below for an explanation of all the codes used on our menus. We have at least 3 vegetarian options each day (hot meals, salads, jacket potatoes). Where possible we offer a gluten free option on hot counters and by request/pre-order.

Social Media
The catering department now has 2 social media accounts. For news, menus & special event we are running please follow us on