Sweet or Savoury?

These all look really yummy, it's just a shame they are 3D sculptures our students in 7B have superbly made based on the idea of Sweet and Savoury for their homework.  

They were asked to use a variety of materials found at home and this is what they produced.

These photographs were also taken by the students in the lesson. They were asked to produce an exhibition and took on the roles of a curator, reporters, photographers and artists.

A wonderful project to be involved in and some fantastic work on display.

File_002 (2) File_005 File_004 (1) File_000 (3) File_003 File_005 (1) File_007 File_002 (1) File_003 (1) File_009 File_004 File_002 File_001 File_006 File_000 (2) File_004 (2)

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