Successful Health and Safety Week

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our Heath and Safety week recently. The events were continuous from Monday to Friday and included special healthy salad bars running all week, specialist safety talks and assemblies focusing on healthy diet, it was jam packed!

All students in Year 7 to 10 listened to a talk by Mrs Nowell and Mrs Gledhill on CSE on how school is made a safe place for them. The talks reminded students of who they can talk to if they need help or advice from adults and the procedures put in place to specifically keep them safe during lessons and lunch times.

Friday was a particularly busy and buzzing day. Some students and staff opted to wear red in support of the British Heart Foundation, which raised both awareness and money for the charity. Students and staff also tried to go sugar free for the day and the catering team helped us out by not baking any sugary snacks. A big thank you to all the students who fought their sugar cravings that day and went full steam ahead with no sugar!

The highlight of the week for our Year 9 and 10 students was the annual Health Fair. We had over 15 stalls on display running for over 500 students informing them about all aspects of Health and Safety. The stalls ranged from the Leeds Sexual Health to Mr Fraser's exercise rowing session and to The Samaritans who were raising mental health awareness. The hall was packed out and full of enthusiasm as students visited all the stalls gathering information.

The student voice was all positive, Emmie in Year 10 said "It was a really fun event, really busy, lots to look at and learn" and Mason in Year 10 said "The health fair was interesting, educational and a nice change from normal lessons."

All in all, a very successful week!

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