Social Media Safety: SnapMaps

Snapchat LogoThe online safety of our students is very important, so we wanted to alert you to this Snapchat app update.

We have more students arriving at school with phones than ever, and most students use their phone for accessing social media. The key application most are using is Snapchat. 

If your child uses Snapchat, then you may or may not be aware of the recent update which shows publicly posted images on a searchable map. SnapMaps lets people zoom in on places such as school and home to see videos and pictures posted by the people inside.

Inside the Snapchat app you now have 3 options - either to be in Ghost Mode (where no one can see you), share your location with all of your friends, or select from your friends list of the people you would like to see your location.


If your child is not using Ghost Mode they will appear on a map which shows their exact location down to which house they are in. Snapchat ‘hotspots’ also allows anyone to see Snapchats that are set to public.

We would recommend that you ensure that you turn your child’s Snapchat location sharing to off. You can do this by following these instructions:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. On the photo taking mode, pinch the screen and SnapMap will appear
  3. Tap the settings cog in the top right hand corner of the screen
  4. Tap Ghost Mode. This turns off location sharing
  5. Explain to your child that photos and videos posted to Snapchats public ‘Our Story’ will be discoverable on the map.

Please remember that your child should be 13 years old before they are using Snapchat.

This following video show’s a demonstration of SnapMaps.

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