Horsforth Sixth Form Prospectus

Student WELFARE Sixth Form students benefit from a pastoral system based on small tutor groups with experienced ‘Super Tutors’ who support and guide them and focus on the individual. Our Super Tutors are the first point of contact for any student’s concerns, and provide practical guidance on how to balance commitment to lessons, private study, enhancement activities and relaxation, whilst monitoring their progression, attendance and behaviour. 09 In addition to the Standards For Learning system, we use our Progress Review which provides support by giving students subject-specific minimum target grades, based on their ability and prior performance. Students are also graded on their Attitude To Learning.This creates a dialogue between students and subject teachers regarding the subject-specific skills essential for success and involves parents through reports and consultation. Progress is reviewed regularly and action taken to plan for improvement when necessary. Attendance to lessons is carefully monitored through the Sixth Form attendance policy. “It is very easy to get left behind with your work so you have to stay organised and keep up with your understanding.” Current Student STUDENTWELFARE AND MONITORING PROGRESS Monitoring PROGRESS “Taking a wide range of subjects makes Sixth Form better so you don’t do the same things in every lesson.” Current Student