Horsforth School Sixth Form Course Guide

Opportunity and achievement for all | Horsforth School Sixth Form 9 Paper 3: Speaking Exam: 21-23 minutes including 5 minutes preparation time - 60 marks (30% of the total A Level) Additional Information Students will develop their skills of reading and writing, listening and speaking in German through studying aspects of German life relevant to young people. Lessons are active and there will be the opportunity to work both independently and in groups.There will also be opportunities to develop ICT skills. Students will find that their fluency in spoken and written German improves rapidly during the course.We use an e-text book, supplemented with a wide range of audio and video material.Trips are organised to German films and plays whenever these are shown locally. German compliments all subjects and there is no reason why those studying unrelated subjects should not take German as one of their A Levels to open up choice and increase options for joint degrees or modular degrees at University. HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate (equiv of 1 A Level) Curriculum Leader: MrsV Kennedy Students will study three mandatory units all of which are externally assessed by exams. • Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care • Health, safety and security in health and social care • Anatomy and physiology for health and social care One mandatory unit which is coursework: • Building positive relationships in health and social care And then two of the following units: • Infection control • Supporting people with learning disabilities • Nutrition for health • Sexual health, reproduction and early development stages • The impact of long-term physiological conditions • Supporting people with mental health conditions • Psychology for health and social care • Sociology for health and social care • Public health The course will be taught with a practical applications of the theory throughout. HISTORY Curriculum Leader: Mr C Berry Year 12 AS andYear 13 A Level The new AQA specification consists of 3 Units taken over 2 years.Together they allow us to study Britain, Russia and Germany over a 200 year period. Students will study Russia from 1855 – 1964 and the Development of Modern Britain from 1951 – 2007.There is also a coursework module inYear 13 investigating the Unification of Germany.The syllabus allows a stand-alone AS qualification to be taken inYear 12. The study of History will equip students with the ability to read and argue critically, develop their communication skills, both written and oral, and also give them a much clearer understanding of the world today. These skills are transferable and desirable in a host of careers and Higher Education pathways.