Horsforth School Prospectus

08 OPPORTUNITY AND ACHIEVEMENT FOR ALL | HORSFORTH SCHOOL TEAM WORK We actively promote student involvement in all aspects of school life and whilst some of the extensive activities we offer outside the classroom environment directly support academic studies, others enable students to benefit from new challenges and to engage in team work and other life skills. These skills are then utilised in the classroom and beyond helping students to build positive relationships, develop their ability to communicate and to enable them to support and motivate one another. We continually promote a culture of collaboration where students learn to effectively share ideas and work together towards the achievement of a common goal. This culture also extends to our staff where effective teamwork ensures the smooth running of our school, with all staff sharing a common purpose; to provide the support required for an inspirational learning environment for students and colleagues.We continually evaluate ways to not only enhance student achievement but also give students the opportunity to develop teamwork skills, help students develop problem-solving skills and the social skills that they will need to work with others in such areas as communication, leadership and decision making – life-long skills we then expect our students to adopt in all aspects of school life. “ All students know the steps taken to manage behaviour in lessons and around the school.They take pride in, and responsibility for their learning. Any behaviour that is likely to limit the learning of others is not tolerated by students or staff. ” Ofsted 2013