Horsforth School Prospectus

06 OPPORTUNITY AND ACHIEVEMENT FOR ALL | HORSFORTH SCHOOL MOTIVATION Horsforth is a happy school with staff dedicated to bringing out the best in every individual in our care and instilling in each student a real sense of belonging.We do this by providing high standards of teaching and a calm, caring and supportive environment.As an inclusive school we aim to help everyone in our community achieve their potential whilst developing a love for lifetime learning. We recognise the importance of motivation in enabling our students to develop into thoughtful, responsible and mature adults, who can contribute to the wider community and are equipped for lasting success. Developing our students so that they leave school optimistic about their educational and personal futures is at the heart of all we do at Horsforth School and our staff encourage our students to make the most of every opportunity that life presents to them. Self-belief and a ‘have a go’ attitude are attributes we continually promote with our students and as a direct consequence, they are able to achieve things they never thought they could, be it in the classroom or beyond. “ Students are clear about their current levels of attainment and the levels they are to reach in the future. ” Ofsted 2013