Horsforth School Prospectus

04 OPPORTUNITY AND ACHIEVEMENT FOR ALL | HORSFORTH SCHOOL RESILIENCE At Horsforth School we aim to develop lively and enquiring minds. Our students should be able to question, reason, acquire knowledge and use transferable skills effectively in the rapidly changing and complex world in which they live. We support and challenge our students and staff so that they have the confidence to take risks – to be innovators and leaders, and to move forward confidently in the 21st Century. Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with authentic evidence of academic success, reinforce the feeling that they have made a real contribution to their community and to make them feel empowered. We recognise the importance of our students’ social and emotional well-being as well as a supportive school climate in promoting positive academic and behavioural outcomes and we have a strong pastoral system in place at all levels to support this. Being resilient helps our students to navigate the world around them, and in order to enable them to achieve this we provide the cognitive, emotional, and developmental support needed for resilience to prosper and grow in each of our students. “ Teachers plan lessons so that most students are challenged to think hard and explain their views and understanding. ” Ofsted 2013