SAM Learning

Horsforth School subscribes to SAM Learning GO!  This is a web based revision service students can access from any internet connection. All students have their own logins and all activities they complete are saved within their profile so they can see their progress.  Covering more than 20 subjects, students can use SAM Learning to revise and test themselves using a variety of different formats that are fun, engaging and challenging.

Students can tackle a choice of revision, using drag and drop and test practice which essentially means that students do and mark their own work.  In exam practice, every single mark is identified by the examiners who wrote the question so we see time and time again that students benefit from improving their technique, their confidence and as a result their results. 

It is very simple to login to SAM Learning:  go to and use the login area in the top right hand corner. 

Centre ID: LS18HS
User ID: Student date of birth followed by first and last initial (for example 271202JW)
Password: Same as User ID (this can be changed once a student has logged in)

Full login instructions can be found in student planners.

10 hours (or more) exposure to SAM Learning has been independently proven to help students achieve an extra 2 GCSE grades better than expected.  Further information can be found on the SAM Learning website.

The SAM Learning Co-ordinator at this school is Mrs Laycock.samlearninglogo.jpg