Rewards and Sanctions

Good behaviour is imperative for creating a positive learning environment in which students can thrive and achieve their best. Our Positive Behaviour systems operate to ensure all students access their right to education without hindrance.

At the heart of our Managing Student Behaviour policy and Positive Behaviour systems is the recognition that rewarding students who consistently meet Horsforth School Expectations is of paramount importance. All students will start the academic year with ‘Banked Points’ totalling 30 per full day. Students can ‘bank’ these points if they choose to follow Horsforth School Expectations.  In addition, students may earn Bonus Points if they do something above and beyond these expectations. For example, by attending extra-curricular activities or completing a piece of exceptional homework. Banked and Bonus Points are tallied and count towards incremental prizes in school including a variety of activities during our annual Rewards Day. Click here to view the Banked Points Calendar.

Lots of other rewards run in tandem to the Points system including curriculum rewards, attendance prizes and prizes awarded in our year group ‘Achievement Assemblies’.

If a student chooses to commit a misdemeanour, including breaking a Horsforth School Expectation, the Positive Behaviour Pyramids, displayed around school and in student planners, outline clearly what sanction should be expected.

Parents and students can monitor positive points and behavioural sanctions in the student planner.

Central to our Positive Behaviour systems is the student planner. Students must ensure they have this with them during lessons and form time. In addition, they should ask their parent / carer to sign this weekly in the space provided.