Recent Events

March 2016

Year 7 Road safety lesson was delivered through Drama.

February 2016

Stonewall visited and trained 20 members of the School Diversity Alliance and School council – they were trained to be Diversity Ambassadors and begin their own Diversity campaign in school

Health and Safety Week 1st – 5th February 2016

Throughout the week we had a variety of activities and presentations. Some of these were:

Personal Safety
Students in year 8 were given a Road Safety talk by Leeds City Council.

Important reminders were given to students about the dangers of phones and earphones and use of social media whilst walking near busy roads.  Students were given practical advice around being seen by cars as it is still dark – students were given reflective arm and wrist bands.

Healthy Eating
We had a build your own salad bar all week in the best of British diner. It was a real hit…..with students and staff! This will be a regular feature after half term.Well done to the catering team!

Park and Stride Day
We are very grateful to Morrison’s Supermarket and Lister Hill Baptist Church who kindly offered our Parents and Carers the use of their car park on the morning of Friday 5th February as a drop off point for the whole school Park and Stride Day. On this day, we asked Parents/Carers who normally drop off their children at school if they would use one of these designated car parks allowing their child to walk the remainder of the distance to school.

We had over 20 cars take part in the scheme and we hope that it may have encouraged students to do this more regularly.

Roller Bike Competition
There was a focus on cycling and physical fitness with the roller bike races every lunchtime during health week.

The bikes proved popular with year 8. Students competed against each other to see who could cycle the fastest 200m lap. Thanks to Becky from Sustrans who delivered these sessions.

Office Girls”  Roadshow
All girls in Years 7 -10 were involved in the “Office Girls”  Roadshow. This girl band delivered a serious message about keeping safe on-line with some useful tips based on their own experiences. The show ended with giant “selfies” of some of our students with the band.

Youth Service Health & Well Being Movile Van
Every lunchtime throughout the health week, Students were able to visit the van to explore and discuss a range of health issues including self -esteem, body image, drug awareness and misuse and sexual health.


January 2016

Year 10 – Chantelle Bleau Charity delivered a workshop to year 10 on the Dangers of drugs and legal highs.

NCS was launched with Year 11 – The National Citizen Service team delivered an assembly on a programme for the summer holidays when they leave school to get them taking part and engaged in worthwhile acitivities and programmes, helping them become contributing citizens.


November 2015

Year 9 self esteem and identity workshop delivered by the Chantelle Bleau charity to the whole of Year 9 to help promote student confidence.


October 2015

We are delighted to announce that we have once again passed the self-validation process of being a healthy school! We have worked hard to bring our school food in line with the new food standards introduced back in January. We would like to thank all parents/carers for supporting our  packed lunch policy by ensuring that food and snacks brought into school are nutritious and form part of balanced meal in which high sugar and fat content are reduced.  Remember full guidance can be found on our healthy schools link on the students tab on our website. We continue to promote and host a range of physical and sporting activities to both our students and adults within school hours and after school. We will be opening our sport shall and fitness suite to students at lunch times from October.

Students had lessons on LGBT issues as part of LGBT month. This included looking at LGBT role models in order to overcome stereotyping and understand the effects of homophobic bullying. Form tutors also ran an LGBT session, which included discussion of the issues with homophobia in school and how to tackle them. Students were informed of ‘I’m Gay’ support booklets available in the library and school HUB. This was also made available to parents at Year 7 and 10 Parents evenings.

The Life Skills department are now working closely with Stonewall – an anti-homophobia charity. The outcomes so far are practical ways school can support LGBT students. This summer term we will launch a Diversity team of students and staff who will meet to discuss LGBT issues in a safe, positive environment. We are working to increase the number of books on LGBT issues in the library and have designated the Core as a place where students can collect information and advice on LGBT issues.

After collecting student views it is clear that some of our students feel hungry by break time and that access to a main meal, rather than a snack would be their preferred choice.  We have therefore decided that students will be able to purchase meal deals at break times as well as at lunch times.
We were also concerned that students who were entitled to a free school meal had to wait until lunch time to access their meal.

With the New School Food Standards becoming statutory as of January this year, we are working hard to ensure our school food complies as much as possible. As a result of this we are working on a new food and drink policy, which will cover packed lunches. The policy will use some of the parent and student voice we have gathered this year. We will write to parents in due course with more information.



September 2015

The Diversity Alliance launched in school, a social group to discuss and support those around LGBT and all diverse issues.

July 2015

The annual Horsforth school health fair ran, a range of agencies and school staff delivered information to the whole of year 9 on Drugs, Safe Sex, Relationships, Body image, Diet and many more.


April 2015:

Bike and Scoot Promotion Week

As part of the school's promotion of exercise for health through cycling and scooting to school, Sustrans' workers came to school on Friday morning, to reward all students and staff who came to school that morning on their bike or scooter with a free healthy breakfast, bike check-up and free puncture repair kit, with wristbands.

Fair Trade

After a request from the local Horsforth Community, as Horsforth aims to become a Fair Trade town, Year 7 took on a mini project in Life Skills to promote Fair Trade in school. They researched Fair Trade and presented their findings to their peers. This included fair and non-fair trade banana tasting, student-made videos and fair trade baking. Parents got to see some of the fantastic work at Year 7 Parents Evening! The next steps are our Fair Trade Ambassadors speaking about fair trade in assembly and our Fair Trade cinema session running this April. The students have made it clear how important they think Fair Trade is in Life Skills this term.

March 2015:

Scooter Skill Training for Year 7 and 8 students

Some of our younger students were taught specialist lessons delivered by a team of professional scooter riders from The Works Skate Park and they involved them scooting from school down to Hall Park where they combined road safety training with some fun tricks and skills.

Students learnt about checking their scooter is in a good condition, pavement etiquette, checking driveways, speed control and were treated to some demonstrations by these talented scooter riders. They were then able to practice what they had learnt and show off their skills.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the lesson in spite of the pouring rain. They all received a Sustrans slap band, £5 voucher for Holy Spokes bike shop and a free annual membership to The Works Skate Park in Leeds City Centre.

The aim of the training was to ensure that those students who regularly scoot to school are doing it safely, are aware of the hazards and are able to keep themselves safe on their journey to school.

February 2015:

Healthy Schools Parent Forum

We hosted our first parent forum around healthy schools and staying safe. Over 120 parents came to the evening on Monday 2 February.

There was a variety of drop-in sessions running on the evening; we asked for parent input and ideas around what constitutes a healthy school meal, packed lunches and what we should teach within our LS curriculum. On the night, parents were able to sample a range of new dishes and food from our new chef David Carrack. Our food is based upon the new food standards that were introduced this year.

Co-ordinators in charge of personal and social development, and Pastoral leaders were on hand for any parent issues relating to behaviour, safety and welfare. There was also individual or group drop- in sessions with the schools SENCO, Horsforth Children’s Services manager, the schools Police Liaison officer and members of the Leadership Team. The schools’ ICT department ran some very informative sessions, led by our Year 8 students, on how to keep your children “cyber safe”.  Our student council was also in attendance to explain the role of student voice at Horsforth School to parents. Thanks to all who attended on this night.

Dove Self-Esteem Project

This project involved Dove representatives delivering one hour confidence and self-esteem workshops to our Year 8 students.  Students worked on tackling stereotypes of what makes people ‘beautiful’. They made their own personal pledges on what they would change, in terms of their attitude towards other peoples’ appearances, to be more positive.

To find out more about how you can talk to your child about body confidence, visit the following website:  Everything on this website is designed to help students overcome beauty-related anxieties that stop them from being happy and confident enough to reach their full, amazing potential.

December 2014

Smart Risk Show

We hosted the Smart Risk Show for all year groups. It was a fantastic show, highly entertaining yet serious in its messages about risks and safety. Students learnt about what risks are, how to manage them effectively and keep themselves safe.

Live at Home Scheme

As part of our whole school citizenship work, students took part in the “Live at Home Scheme” Christmas hamper competition. All form groups in Years 7-11 decorated boxes and donated foodstuffs for the elderly in our community.