Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department at Horsforth School is an exciting place to learn and develop your skills and interest in music and drama.

Years 7 and 8 have drama and music once a week and we offer mini options in Year 9 where students can opt to follow their favourite Arts choice in more detail.

Music and drama are also popular choices at GCSE and A Level and produce consistently high grades.

Both the Drama and Music Departments have a thriving extra-curricular life that welcomes enthusiasm and nurtures talent.

There is a raft of opportunities for students to get involved in Performing Arts outside the curriculum. Events such as the annual whole school production and Christmas concert involve over 120 students as does the bi-annual Musical Theatre Scenes, a new venture that celebrates the talent of both departments.

All year groups are nurtured and encouraged; from Year 7 Drama Club and Year 8 Musical Festival right through to the Senior Music Concert and Sixth Form Drama ‘studio’ performances. In addition, Year 9 offers music students the chance to learn the Ukulele and drama students can participate in the Bronze Arts award.

There are a variety of trips on offer that allow students to experience a range of theatrical and musical experiences.

There is a extensive range of peripatetic music lessons and an opportunity to workshop with a variety of famous theatre companies.

The Performing Arts department is a busy, vibrant and creative place to be, so why not join in!

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