Summary of key findings for parents and pupils (Ofsted report December 2013)

This is a good school. Ofsted described the majority of aspects of school life as ‘outstanding’, ‘excellent’ or ‘exemplary’.

  • The sixth form is outstanding, as demonstrated by students’ outstanding achievement.
  • The behaviour of students is outstanding because they listen exceptionally well in lessons and are keen to produce their best work.
  • Attainment at the end of Key Stages 3 and 4 in English and Mathematics is above average and has improved since 2012.
  • Most students make faster progress than students nationally because the school checks constantly that they are learning successfully and, if not, provides additional teaching.
  • Teaching is good and a small minority is outstanding, so most students make good progress in a range of subjects.
  • Most teachers make sure that most students maintain the best standards in their work and arrange extra teaching if students’ progress falters.
  • Students show respect for each other and for adults in the school. A very large majority of students say they feel safe and secure in the school.
  • Leaders and managers are clear about how to improve the learning of most students in the school. They have high expectations of the effort students make in lessons and make sure students who fall behind are given extra help.
  • Leaders, managers and governors have improved teaching in the last year so more students have made better progress.

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