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Throughout the Winter Term the school went through a self-evaluation process to achieve its Healthy Schools Status. On March 31st, the school was externally assessed by the Leeds Health and Wellbeing team to review our practice within 4 core areas, Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE), Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health (EWMH).


 We were delighted with their feedback, our Lifeskills curriculum was deemed outstanding in many areas and our approach to catering and healthy school food exemplary! Below is a brief example of just some of the feedback:

§  The school’s strong pastoral care, community and family ethos, caring nature and ‘support for all’ are felt the moment you enter this school.

§  This school has a holistic approach and vision for investing in the whole child. This is evidenced through the head teacher’s continued commitment to promote pupil wellbeing, both physical and emotional, which is thoroughly supported by all of the leaders across the school.

§  The Healthy Schools Programme is led very effectively and has a very high profile in the school. The coordinator is very committed, enthusiastic and passionate, has a clear vision for the future and plans and coordinates the health and wellbeing work meticulously to raise standards, ensuring a whole school approach which is fully supported by the head teacher and governors.

§  All pupils spoken to reported how proud and privileged they are to belong to this school community and went to great lengths to act as ambassadors for the school..

§  Staff dedication and contribution to school life at Horsforth School are real strengths and they do have a ‘keep going’ mentality to improve pupils’ lives. Staff have fostered a fantastic team ethos, are very supportive of each other, friendly, happy and very approachable. They know their pupils and families very well and do what is right for them and the community, which ensures everyone feels safe and valued. Staff are highly motivated to improve the health and wellbeing of all pupils. Wellbeing messages are embedded in school life and supported by the involvement and engagement of governors, parents and staff in promoting health issues.

§  The school continues to invest a lot of time and resources in its staff, evidenced through the easily accessible training provided to staff on such areas as Bereavement, Transgender, Self-harm and Eating Disorders.

§  The strong student voice and engagement with pupils across the school is a real strength. The School Council (SC) alongside the Student Leadership Team are very important stakeholders and thoroughly support the vision of the school.

§  The school’s learning environment is very calm and promotes positive health and wellbeing messages, evident through the varied, creative and engaging physical and emotional wellbeing messages that are displayed throughout the school, such as the It’s Good To Talk, Our Healthy School, LGBT, FGM and Anti Bullying displays.



Pupils comments: 


“The school meals are brilliant, healthy, taste great and there is always something I like.”

“Any bullying is dealt with very quickly here.”

“I’ve never met a teacher that won’t help me or who has turned me away.”

“There is always someone to talk to you if you are worried about anything.”

 “We get a lot of help and support on how to cope with stress at exam times.”

“We have great relationships with all the staff.”

“This school is very welcoming and there are so many opportunities.”

“I like the feel of this school and the atmosphere, I feel safe everywhere.”

“I feel proud and privileged to attend this school.”

“Student voice is outstanding and we all get a say.”

“Life skills is very useful.”