Our Kerboodle ( subscription provides digital resources designed to complement the curriculum students are following. Covering a number of subjects, including maths, science and languages, these school subscriptions include a wide range of assessment materials including auto-marked tests, self-assessment checklists and a variety of support materials.   There are on-screen lesson presentations and teachers can set and monitor homework and track student progress.  Kerboodle includes an extensive bank of learning resources including videos, animations, podcasts and worksheets as well as digital versions of the textbooks students use in school.

To access Kerboodle, students receive their login details from their teacher or the Kerboodle school administrator, Mrs Laycock. These login details will consist of a username and password.  The institution code for Horsforth School is wna6.

Your teacher will either add you to a course or ask you to sign yourself up. If your teacher adds you to a course themselves, you will be able to see the course on your home screen when you log in to Kerboodle.

If your teacher hasn’t already assigned you to a course then you will be asked to enter a Group Code. You should have received this code from your teacher. Click Enter Group Code and enter the code.  Once you have confirmed your details, you will be able to see the course on your home screen.

Further information regarding Kerboodle can be found here

Should you have problems accessing Kerboodle then please contact Mrs Laycock.