Homework Questionnaire

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1. The gender of my child is:*
2. My child is in:*
3. What do you think about the amount of homework your child gets?*
4. How difficult does your child usually find their homework?*
5. My child learns a lot from their doing their homework:*
6. Completing homework helps my child to become independent:*
7. My child knows what they need to do for homework:*
8. I see my child's homework:*
9. My child enjoys doing their homework:*
10. Homework is a source of tension at home:*
11. Homework is better when it is linked to the work done at school:*
12. I am satisfied with the feedback from teachers regarding my child's homework:*
13. How much homework do you think is appropriate per week?*
14. Projects and creative tasks are better than worksheets:*
15. I have to remind my child to do homework:*
16. I leave my child to get on with their homework:*
17. I feel that I have enough knowledge to help my child with their homework:*
18. My child understands how to complete their homework:
19. Would you like to be informed of your child's homework electronically?*
20. Do you have any further comments regarding homework?
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