Home School Agreement

During the time students are at Horsforth School we believe it is very important to develop a positive and meaningful partnership between parents, students and teachers.  This agreement sets out some of the specific ways in which we can all work together for the benefit of all young people in the school

The Parents/Carers:  I am/we are aware of our responsibilities to:

  • see that my son/daughter goes to school regularly, on time, properly equipped and appropriately dressed;
  • provide a prompt explanation if my son/daughter is absent;
  • let the school know about any concerns or problems that might affect my son/daughter’s work or behaviour;
  • support the school’s aims, policies and guidelines e.g. homework, uniform, behaviour, as outlined in the student planner;
  • support my son/daughter in homework and other opportunities for home learning;
  • check and sign the Student Planner every week to confirm that homework has been completed;
  • attend Parents’ Evenings and engage in discussions about my son/daughter’s progress;
  • take an interest in my son/daughter’s life at the school;
  • avoid taking my son/daughter out of school during term time for holidays and appointments which could be made for school holidays.

The School will:

  • Ensure that your son/daughter achieves the best possible examination results and has every opportunity to achieve his/her full potential as a valued member of the school community;
  • Positively and actively enforce the school’s anti-bullying policy;
  • Provide a safe environment and an atmosphere which is caring, secure, consistent and fair, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, disability and background;
  • Set curriculum-related targets for his/her achievement informing you of his/her progress towards them;
  • Provide a balanced curriculum for your son/daughter;
  • Contact parents if there is a problem with behaviour, attendance, punctuality or equipment;  through the Student Planner and/or personal contact;
  • Send home statutory assessments and an Annual Report;
  • Set, mark and monitor homework and provide facilities for your son/daughter to do homework in school,  if required;
  • Arrange Parents’ Evenings for parents / carers during which progress will be discussed;
  • Keep parents informed about school activities through the prospectus, regular letters home, newssheets and notices about special events.
  • Provide the named parent/carer with information relating to their child if requested

The Student: I will:

  • Bring my planner to school every day and look after it;
  • follow the school’s aims, policies and guidelines as outlined in my Student Planner and explained by my teachers;
  • attend school  and be on time;
  • bring all the equipment I need every day;
  • wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance;
  • use my Student Planner to record my homework, my achievements and to help manage my time;
  • complete my class and homework to the best of my ability and hand it in on time;
  • be polite and helpful to others;
  • keep the school free from litter and graffiti.
  • abide by the Horsforth School Expectations.