Healthy Lifestyles and Attitudes at School

At Horsforth School we aim to educate the whole child. We want our students to achieve and be their best academically, but we also want to develop our students personally and socially.

We aim to teach our students how to be reflective, responsible, tolerant and respectful. We want our students to be confident individuals, responsible citizens who feel safe and happy at school. We aim to teach students how to be healthy, make the right choices and be informed. If our young people feel healthy and cared for they will be ready to learn and they will fulfil their potential. As part of our work within Life Skills, we aim to be a healthy school; teaching our younger generations about making the right choices in terms of eating, drinking, physical exercise, drug use, sexual relationships and lifestyle choices is crucial for later life.

Our Life Skills lessons play an important part of the curriculum which aims to support students’ spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

Life Skills is our name for PSHCE - personal, social, health, citizenship education.

Healthy Lifestyles at home

A healthy lifestyle starts at home.  The government recommends that all young people should be physically active for at least 1 hour a day. We ask that parents support their child’s education by;

  • ensuring they have a nutritious breakfast each morning
  • asking your child to bring a water bottle to school so they can access drinking water all day
  • monitoring what your child is eating at school through ParentPay
  • adhering to our food and drink policy – no confectionary or fizzy/energy drinks
  • providing a healthy packed lunch using our guidelines
  • encouraging your child to take part in extra-curricular clubs
  • taking part in our “no car” zone days, allowing your child to walk or cycle to school
  • considering the smart swaps challenge; swapping sugary/fatty snacks for those less in calories, with more nutrition.

Advice can be given in school, please contact Mrs S Nowell at School or visit for more advice on the new school food standards and how these could be incorporated into meals at home.

Useful websites for students and parents: