FAQ's About Our Free School Bid

We've been asked a few questions about our recent successful bid to open a Sixth Form Free School in North West Leeds, so here's a little more information for the questions we have already been asked.

We hope this helps in the meantime and we will be sure to keep updating you as and when we know more.

When will the new Sixth Form Centre open?

This is yet to be confirmed, we are working closely with the Department for Education on this.


Will it be on the existing school site or somewhere else?

The Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency now have the responsibility to acquire a suitable site for this but our preference would be for it to be in Horsforth.


How long will it take for the number of students to reach 1200?

We are hoping 3-4 years after opening.


How many more places will be created lower down the school?

We hope to increase our admission numbers in Year 7 from 225 to 275, so the aim is to create up to 50 more places a year for local families.


How will I keep up to date with what is happening?

We will keep this website and our social media channels up-to-date with how everything is progressing.  So follow us at:

Facebook: @HorsforthSchool
Twitter: @HorsforthSchool





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