Ethan's Important Trip

Our recent battlefields trip held special significance for one student, Ethan, who was able to visit the grave of his great-great-grandfather, Reginald Wright. Ethan has been heavily involved in the commemoration of WW1 at Horsforth School and has played the part of Walter Robert the play ‘The Pals’ for two years as well as organising a sponsored swim which raised over one thousand pounds to fund the energy costs of the new Horsforth Cenotaph lighting for the next few years.

Ethan has enjoyed his role in commemorating WW1 here at Horsforth and has said: “I have been pleased to be involved in the various projects which have helped us, as young people, remember the soldiers of WW1, including my own great-great-grandfather Reginald Wright who was killed in March 1918. I am proud of his involvement and visiting his grave has, more than ever, brought home to me the need to keep remembering all the soldiers who gave their lives a century ago.”

Reginald Wright’s name was originally missed off of the war Memorial in Headingley but was added this year following a campaign by Graham Wright. Ethan also received a Horsforth Town Council Young Achiever’s Award for his outstanding commitment to the School’s WW1 events so the organiser of the battlefields trip, Mr Bovington, was delighted that it was possible for Ethan to visit Reginald’s grave during the trip.

As one of our Horsforth School Sixth Form students, Ethan will be presenting the Ceremony of Remembrance for the 89 Horsforth soldiers killed in 1917, along with fellow student and friend, Nathan. All students and Horsforth residents are invited to this ceremony which will be held at Horsforth School on Monday 9th October at 19:45 p.m.

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