Caitlin Wins Library Competition

Huge congratulations to Caitlin in Year 7 who has won the library competition for reading the most books this year.  Caitlin has read seventy two books since she started at the school in Year 7 in September.

Anyone who knows Caitlin will often see her with her head down engrossed in a book. This is truly wonderful and I remember being so impressed when Caitlin came into the library and asked me politely if she could have a copy of Jane Eyre. This was the first book she borrowed and I just knew that the library would be seeing lots more of Caitlin. 

For me, as the librarian, this was a wonderful experience to see a student so in enraptured with the love of reading. Once again well done Caitlin and thank you for your enthusiasm and immense love of reading.


Mrs Pearce


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