Anti -Bullying

Anti -Bullying

Horsforth School’s Definition of bullying is “bullying is repeated physical or emotionally hurtful behaviour.  This includes cyber bullying.”

Horsforth School aims to establish a tolerant, bully-free environment for all of its students.  We actively promote a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying through our curriculum, assemblies, theme of the week and particularly within our life-skills programme.  We have a student led team of anti-bully ambassadors who promote the harmful consequences of bullying and raise awareness of its seriousness.

Students are encouraged to talk to the ambassadors and any member of staff in school if they feel they are being bullied.  We have an anti-bullying box in the library for those students who wish to remain anonymous.

Where bullying does occur we work promptly to reassure the victim and investigate.  We will sanction the instigator and provide necessary support to others involved.  We will inform parents and if necessary external agencies.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Team is pictured above.