Borneo Trip

In July 2017, 31 students from Horsforth School embarked on the journey of a lifetime to Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. Throughout the trip, students completed projects in a wide variety of communities, from the mountains of Widu to the shores of Pituru.

Students experienced many new challenges and accomplished things they never thought they would have to do. Our main aim was to assist the local community and help them to create a better future so the students laid bricks for toilet blocks and mixed concrete and mortar to build walls and support local community infrastructure. Our students did everything they could to immerse themselves in the spirit of Borneo by participating in community dancing and singing as well as learning the Malaysian language.

The next phase of the trip was the PADI Scuba qualification and Snorkelling in the ocean. Many of the students completed the rigorous but enjoyable course and are now fully qualified Scuba divers. Gaya Island was a superb setting for this challenge and felt like a paradise. All of our students had the exciting opportunity to swim out to a coral reef and see some fantastic species of tropical fish.

Our next stop was the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation centre where the students managed to see lots of young Orangutans being prepared for release in to semi wild conditions. All of the students were fascinated by the chance to see these giant, human like, animals up close as well as being lucky enough to see one of the world’s most endangered species, sun bears.

The final phase of the trip was a jungle conservation experience. Our students managed to replant over 1000 trees in 3 days, a fantastic achievement! Everyone learnt vast amounts about the history of the rainforest, the ecosystem and how deforestation is harming the tourism and wellbeing of Borneo. During this experience students spent 3 nights living in the trees in hammocks under a tarp sheet. It was an unforgettable experience and the students were extremely proud of their accomplishment.  Whilst in the jungle, the students saw even more wildlife from wild Orangutans to Crocodiles, Hornbills and Proboscis Monkeys!

Each and every student gave the trip their all and can be extremely proud of the work they did in Borneo. This trip allowed our students to learn many valuable life skills and Mr Berry, Mr Thaw and Ms Green would like to thank all of the students involved in their trip for their superb commitment to all of the activities they took part in. Well done everybody!

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