Bad Weather/Emergency Procedures

If the weather becomes extremely bad during the day or there is an emergency such as a breakdown in heating then we may have to send students home early. If we have to do so, we will text Parents/Carers and put an update on our website. For early closure there will always be provision for students to stay in the Library at school if they cannot gain access to their home.

If there is heavy snow overnight or in the morning and it proves impossible to open the school at the normal time, we will post a message on the home page of our website. We will update this message as conditions change. We will also send a text message to Parents/Carers.

Please use our website as your main source of information.  We aim to have a clear message on our website by 6:30am.  We would appreciate it if you did not phone school to check website information as this could prevent or delay crucial communication with outside organisations.  Please only contact us in an emergency.

We do have a site team and some snow cleaning equipment and we will do all we can to open/stay open during periods of bad weather. It is only when safety is perceived to be at risk that a judgement to close school will be made as we appreciate that normal life should continue wherever possible.  Our staff, however, live across a wide geographical area and in extreme conditions it may prove impossible to secure the level of staffing we need to open safely.