Values & Ethos

The Aims of Horsforth School

At Horsforth School we firmly believe in “Opportunity and achievement for all.” Our curriculum is values driven and this is at its heart.

“Opportunity and achievement for all” epitomises everything we offer as we regard our curriculum as the totality of a student’s experience at Horsforth; our range of subjects, programmes of study, pedagogy, assessments, opportunities, clubs, trips, mentoring, pastoral support and enrichment.

Our curriculum is inclusive and aims to equip all students with confidence, resilience, competence and skills that allow them to succeed in a rapidly changing society. We value a holistic approach to educating the whole person with a focus on spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC). Our curriculum offers a breadth of opportunities and experience in conjunction with high quality pastoral care leading to personal and character development. It aims to ensure all students are included and supported to reach their potential.

We aim for all students to achieve excellent outcomes and this is not simply exam results but where students get to as a result of their experience at Horsforth School. We aim to ensure they are prepared for their future steps in education, employment and training and beyond. We want all students to enjoy their learning and achieve their own personal success, now and in the future. At Horsforth we have a clear responsibility to prepare students for the rest of their lives.

In partnership with key stakeholders including  employers, further education providers, Trustees, teachers, parents, students and school leaders our curriculum informs and shapes the journey of a Horsforth Learner.

We aim:

  • To develop lively enquiring minds. Our students should be able to question, reason, acquire knowledge and use transferable skills effectively in a rapidly changing, complex world
  • To provide a secure and vibrant learning environment
  • To support all our students in a caring, consistent and fair manner
  • To ensure our students develop a tolerant attitude towards others and are able to celebrate diversity
  • To promote a deep understanding of different religious cultures and moral standpoints
  • To ensure all students contribute dynamically to the school, local and wider community, understanding the role expected of them as citizens
  • To enable students to understand their rights and responsibilities in order to co-exist in a democratic society
  • To promote health awareness, self-respect, self-confidence and self-reliance, together with a sense of loyalty, pride and honesty
  • To recognise the importance of developing both as an individual and as a member of a team
  • To provide a first class education that develops the confidence, competence, knowledge and skills to fit easily into our 21st century society.

In order to achieve our aims, we recognise the importance of continual staff training and development and the importance of working closely with all of our partners.

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Horsforth School’s Expectations:

  • Arrive on time for school, lessons and registration
  • Wear your uniform correctly at all times
  • Be fully equipped for each lesson
  • Place your planner on the desk at the start of each lesson and registration
  • Do as asked by staff
  • Contribute at all times to a positive learning environment without disturbing others
  • Be polite and respect others
  • Do your homework and hand it in on time
  • Walk around the building sensibly and quietly adhering to the one-way systems
  • To make sure any phones or electronic devices are switched off at the school gates and stored securely in school bags only
  • Eat and drink at the right time in the right place
  • Look after your school environment.